dta-cab-xmlrpc-client.perl - XML-RPC client for DTA::CAB server queries


 dta-cab-xmlrpc-client.perl [OPTIONS...] ARGUMENTS

 General Options:
  -help                           ##-- show short usage summary
  -man                            ##-- show longer help message
  -version                        ##-- show version & exit
  -verbose LEVEL                  ##-- set default log level

 Client Options:
  -server URL                     ##-- set server URL (default: http://localhost:8088/xmlrpc)
  -timeout SECONDS                ##-- set server timeout in seconds (default: lots)
  -test-connect , -notest-connect ##-- do/don't send a test query to the server (default: do)

 Analysis Options:
  -list                           ##-- just list registered analyzers (default)
  -analyzer NAME                  ##-- set analyzer name (default: '')
  -analyze-option OPT=VALUE       ##-- set analysis option (default: none)
  -profile , -noprofile           ##-- do/don't report profiling information (default: do)
  -token                          ##-- ARGUMENTS are token text
  -sentence                       ##-- ARGUMENTS are analyzed as a sentence
  -document                       ##-- ARGUMENTS are filenames, analyzed as documents
  -data                           ##-- ARGUMENTS are filenames, server-side parsing & formatting

 I/O Options:
  -input-class CLASS              ##-- select input parser class (default: Text)
  -input-option OPT=VALUE         ##-- set input parser option
  -output-class CLASS             ##-- select output formatter class (default: Text)
  -output-option OPT=VALUE        ##-- set output formatter option
  -output-level LEVEL             ##-- override output formatter level (default: 1)
  -output-file FILE               ##-- set output file (default: STDOUT)


dta-cab-xmlrpc-client.perl is a command-line client for DTA::CAB analysis of token(s), sentence(s), and/or document(s) by querying a running DTA::CAB::Server::XmlRpc server with the DTA::CAB::Client::XmlRpc module.

See dta-cab-xmlrpc-server.perl(1) for a corresponding server.


General Options


Display a short help message and exit.


Display a longer help message and exit.


Display program and module version information and exit.


Set default log level (trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal).

Server Options

-server URL

Set server URL (default: localhost:8000).

-timeout SECONDS

Set server timeout in seconds (default: lots).

Analysis Options


Don't actually perform any analysis; rather, just print a list of analyzers registered with the server. This is the default action.

-analyzer NAME

Request analysis by the analyzer registered under name NAME (default: '').

-analyze-option OPT=VALUE

Set an arbitrary analysis option OPT to VALUE. May be multiply specified.

Available options depend on the analyzer class to be called.

-profile , -noprofile

Do/don't report profiling information (default: do).


Interpret ARGUMENTS as token text.


Interpret ARGUMENTS as a sentence (list of tokens).


Interpret ARGUMENTS as filenames, to be analyzed as documents.


Interpret ARGUMENTS as filenames (as for "-document"), but file contents are passed as raw strings to the server, which then becomes responsible for parsing and formatting.

This is the recommended way to analyze large documents, because of the large overhead involved when the "-document" option is used (slow translations to and from complex XML-RPC structures).

I/O Options

-input-class CLASS

Select input parser class (default: Text)

-input-option OPT=VALUE

Set an arbitrary input parser option. May be multiply specified.

-output-class CLASS

Select output formatter class (default: Text) May be multiply specified.

-output-option OPT=VALUE

Set an arbitrary output formatter option. May be multiply specified.

-output-level LEVEL

Override output formatter level (default: 1).

-output-file FILE

Set output file (default: STDOUT).


Perl by Larry Wall.

RPC::XML by Randy J. Ray.


Bryan Jurish <>


Copyright (C) 2009-2019 by Bryan Jurish. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.24.1 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.


dta-cab-analyze.perl(1), dta-cab-convert.perl(1), dta-cab-cachegen.perl(1), dta-cab-xmlrpc-server.perl(1), dta-cab-xmlrpc-client.perl(1), DTA::CAB(3pm), RPC::XML(3pm), perl(1), ...